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Saturday, May 15, 2010

More than half a year of being a federal candidate. Edmonton-Leduc AGM coming up.

Someone asked me today how long it has been since my nomination as the NDP federal candidate here in Edmonton-Leduc. I remember that for the first few months I kept count, but now that it's more than 6 months since October 29, 2009, I seem to have given up that habit. A lot has changed for me since that day, and I'm sure that the upcoming months will bring even more change. The main thing that has changed for me personally is the number of people I know and that know my (at least first) name. Another is the time spent online and the distribution of time between email, social networks, and reading news.

Another is the formation of a certain new life structure in some situations. For example, a visit to a farmers' market used to be just casual, now there might be someone who comes up and asks "Aren't you the NDP guy in Leduc?" or says "Sorry, are we friends on Facebook?" The latter is my campaign's unofficial motto =) which kind of shows the peculiar nature of online social networking - there are some people whom I know quite well in person but who aren't my online friends, and vice versa.

Going to Banff early tomorrow morning. No politics - just a day in the mountains. And then comes a new week, with only 10 days to go until our AGM on the 26th. Preparing a speech, of course.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On 65th anniversary of Victory in Europe

As the world celebrates the 65th anniversary of Victory in Europe and remembers the sacrifices made to defeat Nazism, it is with great interest that I look at the results of a recent poll (, which shows both great respect for the veterans and a growing reluctance to take their place should need arise. Apparently, the younger the respondent was, the more likely he or she would have been in need of persuasion before taking part in a war against Hitler.

Any thoughts on this?