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Friday, July 16, 2010

A great achievement for BP?

While my car was being fixed this morning, I was sitting in the auto service lounge and watching, of all things, CNN (which I watch for about 5 minutes every 3 months as my car gets new oil). Another man was sitting close by and watching with interest as the news of BP finally managing to temporarily halt oil going into the Mexican Gulf was discussed. "Just imagine what they can do all the way down deep in the ocean!" - he exclaimed. I tried to respond with something along the lines of "If they hadn't been so sloppy in the first place, this operation wouldn't have been necessary", but I don't think that's what he wanted to hear. Just imagine - a great technological achievement, plugging an oil well deep in the ocean!

I just hope, with all my heart, that what has been happening in the Gulf for the past 3 months will not go down in history as a victory. Yes, a lot of people are doing their best now to end the crisis. Yes, if new oil finally stops getting out into the Gulf, it will be excellent news. But no, this is not the main point nor should it be.

Friday, July 2, 2010

When were the Queen's remarks on Canada written?

Although I'm not a huge fan of "the divine right to govern" nor the fact that Canada is ruled by a person who is not a Canadian citizen, I've always liked the current monarch as a seemingly approachable and friendly person. This being said, I'm still in utter confusion in regards to her remarks on Canada Day about Canada being "a caring home for its own, a sanctuary for others and an example to the world".

I mean, really?! Four days after what happened in Toronto?