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Monday, October 25, 2010

For the ugly experiment's validity

What would happen, if one put a regular Canadian or regular American or a representative of any other nationality through 8 years of torture, interrogation, hopelessness, and abandonment by their own government? Would that person eventually break and "confess" anything, just to try and end their misery?

As a human being, I cannot see any normal way in which a person can go from A) adamantly stressing that he will not enter into any bargains with an illegal "court" as such a bargain would legitimize the process that he was put through, to B) lowering his head and saying "yes" to every accusation thrown at him.

After all, this has all happened before. Milkmaids and schoolchildren had "confessed" that they had been plotting to kill Hitler. Hard-line communists had "confessed" to a Stalinist "court" that they were really monarchists trying to overthrow the regime. Christians had "confessed" that they erred in their beliefs in Roman "courts".

I have no idea whether Omar Khadr is or isn't guilty, but that's not the point. The point is that the thin line separating Guantanamo from totalitarian butcher-shop court-marshals is no longer clear. Shame on Obama for failing to live up to his promises! Shame on Harper for serving as a willing accomplice to such a disgrace! For humanity to have apparently gone a long way from the justice of the stone age and feudalism and then to throw it all away is a disaster that will linger with us for decades.

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