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Friday, November 12, 2010

What do you call this without swearing?

Taking into account the fact that the Afghan government has the dubious prestige of being repeatedly named one of the three most corrupt governments in the world, what are the Tories and the Liberals prepared to send Canadian troops to do?

If Rick Mercer is an accurate source, then Laurie Hawn just said that Canadian soldiers will be so safe in Aghanistan they won't need flak jackets. Are you aware of what exactly you are saying, Mr. Hawn? Do you have any idea of what you'll do if proven wrong? Disgusting.


  1. The corruption in Afghanistan is not the only reason to believe that this war is just another neo-liberal, neo-colonial effort to maintain Western power in the region. And so we are once again propping up a corrupt non-democratic government, while the governments spin it all as a altruistic cause of goodness. So it goes.

  2. I agree entirely that this is not the only reason. I'm just so disgusted with the whole system that try frantically to find at least some of the Tory-Liberal justifications that border on reasonable, at least on the outside.

  3. There is no "reasonable" justification for neo-colonial wars, if by reasonable we understand "rational." Instead they have to rely on worn out rhetoric from the last century that is designed to appeal to patriotism and altruism.

  4. To call this a colonial venture is so completely misguided it reveals your contempt for the Canadian military and social justice. What assets would any Canadian government get from the dirt bowl over there? There are massive mining resources to be had, but the Chinese are already all over that like a socialist on a government information junket.

    You talk a good game of social justice but when it actually involves doing something it seems that is reserved for those who you denigrate as "Imperialist"

    The vast majority in the CF want to be in Afghanistan. Sure we would like to think there is away to curb the corruption and move things forward more quickly, but we do know for certain that cutting and running as Obama and the NDP want to do is not a viable option for the people of Afghanistan.

    You wonder why the NDP is mired in the bottom of the political spectrum? Trust me, it is not because we do not get your message. It is because we hear it all to clearly. You are pedantic hypocrites.

  5. Robert, I didn't hear an denigration of Canadian Forces as "Imperialist" here, nor do I agree with "the NDP mired in the bottom of the political spectrum". 20% of Canadians support the NDP, just 10% less then support either of the pro-war parties.
    It is this "vast majority" and "we hear you" statement line that crosses out any legitimacy in what you are saying. Speak for yourself, not everyone else.


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