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Monday, August 15, 2011

The dubious achievement of renaming things

Stephen Harper and his party seem to have a real urge to rename objects and organizations, place labels and signs on things, and do all of this in the name of Canada. Looking back at their previous "achievements" on this front of "work", it's possible to predict/guess what they will turn their name-calling or name-changing efforts to further:
  • 2009: "Annual Budget of Canada" renamed "Canada's Economic Action Plan"
  • 2010: Tony Clement's Slush Fund renamed "G8/G20 Expenses"
  • 2010: The War in Afghanistan renamed "A training mission in Afghanistan"
  • 2011: "Government of Canada" renamed "Harper Government"
  • 2011: The word "royal" reinstalled in the names of Canadian military
  • ????: Stephen Harper's riding of Calgary Southwest renamed
  • ????: Ottawa renamed
  • ????: Parliament renamed
  • ????: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms renamed
  • ????: Canada renamed


  1. Ha! You're right. Where it stops, nobody knows.

  2. Violations of the Elections Act renamed "administrative dispute"
    Contempt of Parliament renamed "partisan politics"
    Various "renamings" including the word "not" (we will ^not tax income trusts, we will ^not provide funding to kairos)

  3. Good one!
    There's also the prorogation of Parliament called "avoiding an unnecessary election by an illegitimate coalition of separatists and socialists".


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