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Saturday, September 10, 2011

$500,000 spending limit per leadership candidate, really?

I almost feel like supporting the NDP leadership hopeful that doesn't spend more than a few hundred dollars on the campaign. Given the fact that dozens of federal riding campaigns throughout the country in the 2011 election worked with around $15,000 budgets and thus could only ironically smile at suggestions of "second mailers towards the end of the campaign" and "larger signs placed strategically", the $500,000 spending limit per candidate in the leadership race doesn't sound anywhere reasonable to me. I don't know, maybe I'm new to this and don't understand something important that would make this a logical number, but I don't see how spending some 33 riding campaign budgets (times however many candidates there will be) on an in-party race in a social-democratic party makes sense. Running a Facebook page and a Twitter account, together with support for a wide online discussion and the opportunity of asking questions at a series of public forums (which several candidates can hold together) doesn't cost half a million dollars. Please, don't prove me wrong! Let's use this outrageous amount of money (which must be available, or else why would it ever be mentioned?) on revitalizing a bunch of riding organizations, holding interesting events and training sessions, organizing a joint fund to support innovative approaches in grassroots campaigns, staying in the mainstream media, anything else that will prove more worthwhile in the long run.


  1. In an ideal world I agree. $500,000 is the same amount that was allowed in 2003. It is less than half what the Liberals allowed. Hiring staff, travelling the country and mailing to members can add up.

    I know I would like to meet the potential leadership candidates.

    As to revitalising local ridings associations, I agree whole heartedly. Lets get some resources to these people so they can build the party locally!

  2. Rick, thanks for your comment. I really don't see how orienting towards what the Liberals allowed helps us.

  3. I guess I was pointing out that serious campaigns cost money and that we have in fact as a party put a significant cap in place unlike both the Conservatives and Liberals.

  4. Rick, I appreciate that. I just hope no one actually spends even half this much. Given how much the actual election campaigns cost...


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