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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Notes for the Election Report to be made at the Edmonton-Leduc NDP AGM

Election result – 11,488 and 19.3%. Best for the party in the riding’s history. Best for non-Tories since 2004.
NDP 1st in 4 polls (1 in Brander Gardens, 1 in Royal Gardens, 1 in Sweet Grass, 1 in Blue Quill Estates).
We are second in all but a handful of the rest of the polls.
We have a very good result in several other polls in Royal Gardens, Riverbend, Hodgson, Blue Quill, Greenfield, Sweet Grass, Duggan, Steinhauer.
We have significantly improved our standing in a number of polls in Aspen Gardens, Brander Gardens, Brookside, Rhatigan Ridge, Buylea Heights, Henderson, Leger, Haddow, Terwilleger, Ogilvie, Skyrattler, Ermeniskin, practically all of Leduc and all of Devon.
Importantly, while we jumped almost 8% and almost doubled our vote count, the result for James Rajotte went up by less than half a percent point. Given the number of new areas and residents since 2008, this cannot be good news for the local Tories.
Discouraging news for everyone in this election is not only the fact that the Tory vote still went up, but also that the turnout increased by just 3%. Still, this is the highest number of people that voted ever in Edmonton-Leduc.
Once again, heartfelt thank you to everyone that participated in the campaign. Our canvassers and volunteers in the next campaign will meet more former NDP voters than ever before. We are definitely moving forward. We still have a long way to go, but if we don’t stop now and wait until the next election, we’ll get a lot done. Thank you.

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