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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Saturday February 11th from 2 to 4 pm at the Riverbend Library (Rabbit Hill Road and Terwillegar Drive)
Income inequality is a very old issue, but the problem is that it is only becoming worse. Since the 1970s, the top 10% of Canadians by personal wealth at least doubled their share of all wealth. In the same period, the income of most Canadians has remained practically the same, or even shrunk, leading to an increase in the level of poverty in our communities: 10% of all Canadians today live in poverty. This is not simply a statistic. This is the everyday reality for millions of people in our country. Do you have anything to say about this? Would you like to hear other people’s opinions on ways Canada can resolve the gap between the wealthy few and the struggling many? Please join us for our first Round Table of 2012!

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  1. It isn't the income equality in theory that I mind so much as many at the lower income neighbourhoods are slipping or plateauing.

    Some will always be either low-income or a safety net or societal burden, but most are getting better educated and more literate over time. If you have to create more lower middle class household consumption (the rich had the internet and get holographic tutors 1st) to regress some upper class wealth (fewer mansions and jjjag-Whhhhiiires)...
    These are generally downtown low footprint residences, minus USA gun crime and pot violence for now. Also people are getting rich by causing more severe future warming, not even paying a tax. For unknowing sprawl and knowing neoconism, rising inequality hasn't worked here. You shouldn't need petro parents to get all the opportunities. In EU maybe is different, but they are aging, for starters.

    The richest professionals can't work more hours. But they could train future competitors/teammates with the right push/pull. Kyoto was basically an agreement to give a lot of Cdn money to developing actors. As a first round of Canadian commitment , it was good. They forgave Mountain Pine Beetle under PM P.Martin's negotiation. It isn't the most efficient way to stop AGW or counter AGWs future harm, but it is better than severely underperforming. Canada's regional control over natural resources is a failed model in that one spoiled region can corrupt an entire nation's tax code. Ignoring that without marginal tax rates petro profits always lead to neocon unleashed AGW. Whatever you learn from one resource bounty, say for optimizing new discoveries....isn't necessarily going to matter for the issue of banking (where understanding the product and transaction system and optimizing the right amount of conflict of interest, are more important), or for auto manufacturing (we, our USA Ford/GM owners that is, failed to compete with Japan let alone Tata until very recently).
    My main critique would be after The Philippines stole $10B from a UN climate fund, how do you trust the crowns? Still doesn't excuse not trying to build up a wind industry for product export, or something $20B/yr-ish. There are a variety of high speed rail platforms. Throw some of the manufacturing in Red Deer in return for killing some tar. Imagine the corporate profits from wind. Still think we have better engineers than China, certainly than India, and we could just buy up any fire sale copper mines to ensure longevity of present designs. Without the Left the lack of CPC-branded stimulus would've made a bigger long-term debt because of rising unemployment.


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