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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A day without politics... not at all a bad one =)

Tried to make this day as free of politics as possible. Checked the news only once, went to my Facebook and website dashboards only once, and tried not to think about political events and figures more than a handful of times. Since becoming candidate almost half a year ago now, this is one of a very small number of such days (the other ones being New Year's Day and 4th wedding anniversary). I must say I enjoyed it a lot, and although I know that there will be many days ahead before I can allow myself such a break from campaigning or thinking about campaigning or reading about something related to social legislature and history, I don't regret it either, because I greatly enjoy those types of days as well.

Went for a walk from the Provincial Legislature grounds along the River Valley parks. Enjoyed the sun, as I hope you have too in the (finally) warm weather we are having now. Several people have let me know how good this weather is for canvassing, which is rather ironic when I compare it to the thoughts expressed above =)

The blog is picking up speed, and I'm grateful for the first comment and the first follower.
I hope your day went well and wish you best in the new week (yes, to me the week doesn't start on the second day of the weekend but starts on Monday).


  1. Sunday on SSI/BC was Earthday celebrations
    In the afternoon I heard Mark Anielski talk
    He teaches at the U of Alberta

  2. I get to enjoy the sun once my papers are finished (tomorrow)!

  3. =) Joel, for me it's a bit different - I'm hoping to finally get to work a bit on my thesis once summer is here.

    Best of luck in your papers!


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