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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you sure this is an actual budget?

Looking at the so-called "federal budget" the Tories had made public today, I can't but wonder if they've mistakenly released some joke version or inside version that had never been intended to be seen by Canadians. Some of the points made in this "budget", such as the "increased support" for seniors in poverty and the one-year revival of the EcoEnergy program, are, simply put, cynical and clearly showing how little Stephen Harper and his party care as to what people say. But now that they've released this joke of a budget, I really hope that people will say something very soon and throw this contemptuous gang and its anti-social ideology out.


  1. I heard they were getting it ready some time ago,....meant it to fail and then take it on the campaign trail and complain about what the opposition did not vote for ...sneaky

  2. Yes, Annie, it sure is sneaky, but not unexpected from a government like this.


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