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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"I'm sure there are a lot of New Democrats who are getting fed up with their fate."

Ever since I saw this quote from Warren Kinsella, I've been wondering what he had meant, if anything. What fate is it that New Democrats are to be fed up with?

Gaining seats and popular support with each election? Demonstrating full ability to govern, to take responsibility for complex decisions, to find compromise and work with other political forces? If there is a meaning to this phrase I'm not seeing it. I, for one, am proud to be a New Democrat and a federal candidate for the party.

If there is anything I'm fed up with it's the Liberal circus of being voted into the House of Commons as Liberals but voting as Tories ever since.


  1. I am delighted with the work my party has been doing to build on our strengths. Every time I look around we have another bill getting huge attention from the public, our leader is trusted and it just feels like good things are on the horizon.

  2. So now difficult fate to run away from in your political sphere, Sue? =)

  3. I could not agree more about the Liberals who are elected under a Liberal platform and then vote Conservative. I would also include my disapproval of the Liberal parties preying on NDP votes to precent Stephen Harper from being elected.

    Let the NDP supporters vote for the NDP, for the values they embody that are respected by Canadians across this great country.

    Tommy Douglas was voted the greatest Canadian by the majority of Canadians, let the party he brought to history continue with that noble set of values.

    "Dippers" need not become "Libs" as you well pointed out, the NDP has been making gains and proving it has great influence, even if they are not in office. I point to the many changes the NDP helped bring about, with this Conservative minority.

    I am also proud of the fact that when the chance to pull the trigger for a costly election, that the NDP listened to the people and used their ability to make change for Canadians. When the party could have made a decision for ego, they made one for the people (let's not forget the gains made by the NDP that would lead to confidence of even MORE gains in the next election).

    I am proud of NDP supporters, the leadership, and candidates such as you, who go into a party that hold strong values for the common people of this great country.

    Please keep up the good work,
    Ken Moffatt
    Calgary, Ab.

  4. Thank you for a very detailed comment, Ken!

  5. You are to be commended in taking this discussion forward Artem. The NDP did well in the BC last fed. election. Not so well in other areas and has a way to go. How do you think they'll get there?

  6. I think the last poll results, placing the NDP at 21% federally and showing a 10% increase in the Prairies, for example, is a good sign. Lots of work makes anything possible.

    We are having an open public forum on Parliament, Senate and electoral reform in our riding this Saturday. Trying to make these discussions a good tradition here in Edmonton-Leduc.


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