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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Putting the Tories on probation again? Really?

Whenever anyone representing the Liberal Party of Canada says that they will be "vigilant", "alert", "hyper-attentive", "bluh bluh bluh" etc., I at once remember the historic decision made by Ignatieff et al. to let the previous Conservative budget slip by them and thereby kill the attempted coalition of opposition parties by "putting this government of probation". We all know what that "probation" lead to and how much it good it brought Canada and Canadians and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Last week, the Liberals have vigilantly passed another Tory budget, marking the 100th time they had supported a major piece of anti-social and anti-common-sense legislation. This week, they have alertly put a big "X" across the Afghan detainee documents issue by hyper-attentively agreeing to a deal that would likely lead to these documents being released to no one and the truth being known by no one.

I just wanted to say, Mr. Ignatieff, you and your friends can keep playing this "probation" game, but I'm sure Canadians, including liberals, have grown tired of listening to Liberal explanations on why the official opposition party is opposition only in its official title and why you let the Tory minority rule as few majorities govern elsewhere.

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