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Monday, June 7, 2010

What kind of news do people watch/read/listen to?

In the past week, I've really started to wonder what kind of news sources the majority of my neighbors here in Edmonton-Leduc and throughout Canada have. I'm dreading the end of the week and then the end of the month when new poll results will come out, probably showing Tories still in the lead. "How can it be?" - I will wonder yet again.

But really, how can it? In the past week, the following news items have come up repeatedly:
  • 1 billion dollars wasted spent on G8/G20 security alone
  • Political staffers and aids to ministers no longer permitted to testify before Parliamentary inquiries and panels
  • Three Tory ministers came uninvited to a Parliamentary hearing and acted as self-assured bullies
  • Canada is one of a very small number of countries in the world that appears to see little or nothing wrong in military attacks against civilian vessels in international waters
  • Each and every speech, presentation, answer, phone call, event etc. organized by anyone linked to the federal government may first need to be vetted by PMO
  • Millions of dollars spend on "infrastructure" projects "linked" to G8/G20 but nowhere in proximity of the two summits
  • And, last (for now), 2 million dollars are being spent on making an artificial show-off lake (aka "Harper's Folly") in Toronto

Reading either one of this gets one uneasy or troubled or puzzled or at least curious as to what the federal government is doing to our economy and our democracy. Why not?

ADDITION: I may be wrong in my pessimism! Hurray! NDP at 20.7%.

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  1. In my opinion, the media are very soft with Harper because he represents their bosses corporate, and foreign policy interests. Which are often interconnected. He's our litte Stalin,whose party must never be allowed a majority, since he will only create a much more militarist state.


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