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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Edmonton-Leduc NDP campaign diary, Day 8

What? He has time to blog in the middle of the day?!
Just unsure if I'll get to my computer after returning from canvassing tonight.
  • Sign placement is going quite well. Of course, the hardened ground and the icy snowbanks and the dirty puddles make the work of the signs team more enjoyable than desirable, but this is why our whole campaign team applauds everyone participating in this exercise.
  • I may be speaking at an all-party forum organized at Concordia University College of Alberta this coming Thursday April 7th. Don't have any details so far, but I think this would definitely be a fun and informative experience.
  • Seeing a drop in emails and phone calls on Friday, I was shocked! I will have to take a few weeks vacation when the election is done =) Campaignoholic...
  • Was in Linda Duncan's riding today - see of orange and green. We'll get there too!
  • I'm now officially confirmed as a candidate by the Returning Officer - my Official Agent, Bohdan, will be picking up a box of materials (and apparently also a CD - any guesses? music? vintage computer games?) from their office on Monday.

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