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Monday, April 11, 2011

Edmonton-Leduc NDP campaign diary, Days 14, 15, 16 and 17

As you can see from the gap in posts, we've been really busy here in Edmonton-Leduc.
  • Canvassing efforts becoming more intense: more and more people want to engage in doorstep discussions and even debates, sometimes in groups. Great job on the part of several of our volunteers for keeping up-to-date on details of the NDP platform and Tory/Liberal performance stats. People are obviously impressed.
  • Our Volunteer Appreciation Night / Leaders Debates Watching Together Night is this Tuesday. Many thanks to Somayya and his family for hospitality.
  • First all-candidates forum in the riding coming up this Wednesday at 7 pm at Leduc Composite High School. See you there?
  • Signs from the Tory and Liberal candidates starting to pop up. We are still the most visible campaign in the riding, due to strategic placement at most visible locations. Actually had some problems with over-zealous volunteers on that front last week, but it's all good now. Enthusiasm is commendable.
  • Make sure to listen in to our radio show at 6:30 on Wednesday on . The same website/station will continue at 7 pm to broadcast audio and video live from the candidates forum. We will be recording some as well.


  1. Keep up the good work - excellent - go NDP

  2. I found your website by spotting your signs as I was driving! Great work from the volunteers who are getting your name and your message out there!


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