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Monday, April 4, 2011

Edmonton-Leduc NDP campaign diary, Day 10

Based on our active stage of pre-election canvassing so far, it's possible to single out the following groups among area voters:
A) Not home. Or home but not opening the door. This group further includes those with "Don't put stuff in our mailbox" signs. I would say this group is the more mysterious one, as we have no idea if/how they will vote in the May 2nd election.
B) Old supporters: People that brighten up the day of our canvassers with invitations to come in for a cup of tea, people asking us for signs and extra brochures to share with family and friends.
C) New supporters: former Tories who just can't make themselves vote Conservative this time around, former Liberals that cannot look at the "new" Red Book without smiling a little, former non-voters that see that Canadian democracy is at a turning point and voting really does matter
D) The undecided. A big group at this point, which will shrink more and more as we keep going. Many of these in our officially super-conservative riding are leaning towards the New Democrats. The phrase I hear most from this group is "Well, I'm definitely not for the Tories".
E) Liberal and Green supporters: certainly do exist, although many are complaining to us (for some reason) that they aren't seeing their local campaigns. Most of the people in this group are quite friendly, seeing the unifying goal of kicking James Rajotte out of here.
F) The biggest mystery of them all: Conservative voters. Slammed doors, "thank you, but no thank you"s, hand wavers and head shakers. I sincerely have no idea as to why anyone would want to vote Tory in this election, but we are seeing such responses too.

Don't ask me for percentage divisions into these groups. All I can say is that group A is quite large, which is a bit disappointing at times, but groups B and C are not only evident but clearly growing since the last election.

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