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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Edmonton-Leduc NDP campaign diary, Day 9

About to leave for some more canvassing.

  • Sign placement is going well. If you live in the riding and would like to have a lawn sign, please let me know and we'll deliver it shortly.
  • I'm apparently the first (and so far only) federal candidate in Alberta to sign the pledge for civil elections (organized by an organization called exactly that)
  • I've signed the pledge to work to eliminate poverty in Canada
  • The all-party forum for this coming Thursday is now confirmed. Please check campaign website for details on this and other forums.
  • Still trying to find where the Edmonton Sun is putting the interview that they called for on Thursday morning.
  • The preliminary spending limit for candidates in the riding is just over $100,000. No further comment.
  • Both happy and unhappy that Friday April 15th is the last day of teaching for this term. More time for the campaign, yes, but I love BOTH politics and teaching, so this is not good, when you look at it.

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